Passages: Consonant Blends

Below are several passages focusing on consonant blends. Feel free to print out to have your students practice reading these.

Consonant -l Blends

Slim is a boy in my class. I like to play with Slim if I can. He likes plums and has black flip flops. He claps for me in class and I clap for him too.

s-Consonant Blends

Stop the sled! It is too fast for me! The spot that I was to stop is past me now. I have to stop and get off before I slip off. I went past the step of the club and still I did not stop! What will I do? I do not want to be swept off the sled too fast! HELP!

Consonant -r Blends

Do not trip on the step. There is a strip of white slop on the step that is slick. I saw a green frog slip in the white slop. He had a grin as he went to slip off the step. Just step on the brick and you will not trip or slip.

Ending Blends

Do you want me to mend the rip in your vest? It is a vast rip. How did you get it? After I rest, I will mend the rip.

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