"How to start reading better now..."

The secret to reading better is through a simple process of mastering skills in a sequential order.

Are you a parent trying to find help for your child? Are you a motivated student seeking to improve your speed or comprehension? Are you a teacher looking for new ideas for literacy centers or small group activities? If you answered 'yes' to any of these questions, let me help you with this process.

These are the basic fundamental reading skills:
-Phonemic Awareness
-Speed and Fluency

At reading-better-now.com, our overall mission is to help students become better readers. This will only be accomplished through the efforts of parents and teachers. Of course, we can't leave out the efforts of the student.

We must find ways to motivate the student to improve and become proficient in this area. Parents, we want to help you understand the reading process. Many times parents want to help their children, but don't know where to start. You do have a vital role in your child's reading development. Our parent's page is here to give you ideas and help you understand the reading process better.

We have many free activities that you can print out and use at home! Teachers, good resources and ideas to help you in the classroom are sometimes hard to find. As a Teacher we can never have too many resources and activities for teaching reading.

Parent Guide
This site is designed to guide you as a parent in helping your child with reading at home.
Reading Better Now! Phonemic Awareness
Free ideas and activities for phonemic awareness. Rhyming, syllables, initial sound, and phoneme segmentation activities included.
Fabulous Phonics
This site explains beginning phonics rules and provides free activities and ideas for teaching beginning phonics for reading CVC words and words with consonant blends.
More Phonics
This site gives guidance to parents and teachers in teaching phonics sequentially.
Sight Words for Reading Success
Fluency reading sight words is a must in reading well. This site explains activities and suggestions to improve the reading of sight words.
Reading Fluency
This site provides ideas, activities, and tricks to increase speed and expression in reading with fluency.
Reading Comprehension Strategies
This site explains ideas and strategies for teachers and parents to improve reading comprehension skills for students in elementary, middle, or high school.
Content Reading
Helps for content reading and studying in areas such as History, Science, etc.
Study Helps
This site is full of study helps and memorizing techniques to help you remember things easier, faster, and better.
Phonics Passages
This page offers phonics passages to provide practice with phonics skills and opportunity to build fluency.
Passages with Consonant Blends
This page has passages using consonant blends that you can print out and use with your students to practice fluency.
Digraphs Passages
This site allows you to print out passages

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